Artist Statement

My practice is driven by material manipulation and a desire to make art that uncovers beauty in the blemishes of architecture. I am influenced by interior spaces and odd textures that arise on surfaces over time. My sculptural paintings highlight details of haphazard markings caused by human activity. Whether it may be chunky, rough or bumpy, the tactile qualities of my work may entice one's own impulse to touch. This is reflective of not only my process of making, but also aesthetically emphasizes the wear and tear of objects. Ultimately, the work that I make is calling attention to what is well worn and overlooked. 


Patrick Stavens (born 1994 in Tolland, Connecticut) is an emerging artist who lives and works in Portland, Maine. Since graduating, he has participated in several group exhibitions in select states along the east coast. Stavens also occasionally performs as the drag persona known as Paxil at LGBTQ related venues and events in Maine and New Hampshire. 


May 2016 | Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine


March 2018 | Art PM, BUOY Gallery, Kittery, Maine

February 2018 | If It Ain't Broke..., Abilene, Portland, Maine

September 2017 | New Work, Martha's Herbary, Pomfret, Connecticut

July 2017 | In Habit: Practice and Place, Winner Memorial Gallery, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, Cazenovia, New York

December 2016 | Small Works 2016, Main Street Arts, Clifton Springs, New York

August 2016 | VHS: A Tribute to 80's Cinema, Pinecone + Chickadee, Portland, Maine

June 2016 | 5th Annual Juried Exhibition, Arts Center East, Vernon, Connecticut

May 2016 | In Sensorium: BFA Thesis Exhibition '16, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine

February 2016 | It Was All Very Queer, Artists at Work, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine

December 2015 | Free for All 5, SPACE Gallery Annex, Portland, Maine

August 2015 | Sundays at 4: Pop-Up Art Show, Neighborhood Resource Center, Manchester, Connecticut


November 2015 | Nancy Stewart Deming Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Painting, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine

Abode Series (Statement)

Inspired by the inadvertent blemishes of my apartment building, this collection is an assortment of sculptural paintings and objects that playfully abstract my surrounding architecture. Oddities such as irremovable wall scuffs, carpet and ceiling stains, floor scratches and appliance dents have visually informed my exploration of domestic wear. Through experimentation of materials such as resin and molding paste, I've found new and different ways to make texture and form that is specific to the building in which I reside. The self-contained nature of these pieces is a reflection of my anally retentive approach to painting as well as isolated details of the space that I draw from. Overall, this project examines the physical quirks that come with a tenancy. Despite the initial annoyance of the circumstances one like myself would have, there must be an acceptance of the imperfections in order to make a transient space home.

BFA Thesis (Statement)

This body of work titled Riveting Dicks is an exploration of industrial fabrication and the connections that I have made between objects and desire. Through the utilization of ready-made assemblage, repetitive mark making and color, I have produced a collection of studies that illustrate the duality between an inviting tactility and a mechanical austere. Aside from the conventional painting materials and processes, these objects are comprised of the detritus of industry and commercialism. My intent with these works, is to induce a viewer to contemplate what makes a manufactured product appealing..