b. 1986, HK.

Image depicting Stavens in drag created by Alyssa Freitas, circa 2019.

Image depicting Stavens in drag created by Alyssa Freitas, circa 2019.


Links :

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Artist Statement

Defacement is something that is typically inadvertent and undesired. Despite how unappealing a worn surface may be, its current state embodies character and the passing of time. My practice focuses on uncovering beauty found in the blemishes of architecture. I draw influence from interior spaces and odd textures that arise on mundane surfaces. Through a process of material manipulation and painting, I craft objects that are tactile and dimensional. Because of these qualities, my work is alluring and deceptive. What I produce is a by-product of a cathartic process of accepting physical flaws. My artwork makes space for these flaws to exist within and not be overlooked.


Patrick Stavens (born 1994 in Rockville, Connecticut) is an emerging artist who lives and works in Portland, Maine. In May 2016, Stavens earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maine College of Art. Since graduating, he has participated in several group exhibitions on the east and west coast of the United States. Stavens also occasionally performs as the drag persona known as Paxil at LGBTQ related venues and events in Maine and New Hampshire. 

CV available upon request.